Game Shows



Have your very own game show event and bring your corporate or private party to life! All customizable to your theme! All of our game shows feature attractive graphics, lighting, and energetic sound effects. Full sound & PA systems are available to give you a complete event, not just game shows.

GameboardFamily Feud

We may not have Steve Harvey on our staff, but Gene will certainly give your Family Feud Game Show event a life of it’s own. All questions can be personalized for your event or guest of honor.

Deal or No Deal

Our version of Deal or No Deal can not only offer real money prizes, but also adds the option to add fun material item prizes. 

Wheel of Fortune

Just like the popular game show, we build fun game boards featuring your theme. Spin the wheel and test your skills! 

20 Sec. Challenge

The giant wheel spins and stops on a challenge. Players have 20 seconds to complete them in this action packed, fast paced, interactive game.


Yup. Just like the game show. Players select the topic and value of the question in Jeopardy! 

Speed Trivia

Don’t confuse this with our weekly trivia shows in bars & restaurants. This is different. Much different. Questions appear and players input their answer by pressing the button with the correct answer. Speed trivia remembers the top 10 scoring players in this high speed action packed version of trivia!


Vs. is a high speed game that puts players through the challenge of answering questions in a certain way. Total awesomeness! 


Four players try to knock out their opponent by pressing a button and trying to get the ball to land on a color other than their own.